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Plastic surgery

We will give you the body you always wanted

Assisted reproduction

An easy solution to reproductive problems

Laser eye surgery

You will finally see the world with „your own eyes“

Global Medical Services

What will happen and what can you expect? ...


1. Let's get started

Write us your story, what you need, your dream .....


2. Communication

..... our consultant will discuss everything with you and find a solution tailored to your needs .....


3. Confirmation

..... we will confirm everything so that everything is according to your wishes.


4. Accommodation

We will be happy to help you choose accommodation .....


5. Transportation

..... our drivers will welcome you at the airport or train station, and will be at your disposal .....        


6. Popular

..... we will advise you what to do with your free time in Prague and the Czech Republic.


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Global Medical Services

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