Assisted reproduction

We will help you become parents.

An easy solution to reproductive problems

Conceiving a child naturally is becoming increasingly difficult in this day and age due to many negative influences. Sometimes it can be due the age of the future mother, who postponed having a family until a more appropriate time.

In vitro fertilization (IVF) may be a solution. This is a process in which an egg is fertilized outside the body. Problems with conception may concern both men and women. Nothing is lost in either case. Just consult to talk about your options. This procedure is most considerate for women..

Laser eye surgery


The need to wear prescription glasses is usually very restrictive, not only during sports but in everyday life.

You will finally see the world with „your own eyes“

Although prescription glasses have become a common part of our lives, they are a nuisance for many wearers. This is not just because we have to take them everywhere with us and we're afraid to leave them behind somewhere; glasses simply interfere with many activities.

  • They interfere with swimming in summer and with sport the entire year.

One solution is to get contact lenses. While this is a great relief in some sense, it's also not perfect.

  • Your hands must be perfectly clean when inserting and removing contact lenses.

-         If you are on vacation, you know it's not always possible to fulfill this condition.

-         A real problem arises when a little particle gets under the lens.

Save future costs

The financial aspect is another factor. Every wearer of glasses or contact lenses knows how expensive it is.

  • The real solution to this problem is a medical procedure..

Particularly people who have been forced to wear glasses continuously for a long time literally experience euphoria after the surgery. As if the world lit up. It is absolutely natural and logical that one would be worried about surgery of this very sensitive and vulnerable organ, but there's no need to worry. The operated eye is numbed with drops throughout the procedure. The patient is fully conscious, but feels virtually nothing at all.

-         It's possible to experience certain difficulties after the procedure.

-         But they are really minimal.

-         Usually it's a feeling of eye irrititation from a small particle.

But these difficulties will quicly fade out.

Glasses only as a fashion accessory

Laser surgery will improve the quality of your life. You won't have to worry about the cost of glasses and lenses, and you'll never have to deal with foggy glasses in the winter.  You won't be restrained in sports and summer or winter activities. If you have become too accumstomed to this aid, then you can choose the golden middle way. Keep your glasses as a fashion accessory that you are not dependent on in any way. Find more information about this procedure













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